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Mar 05th
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Pastoral Partners

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This I command you, to love one another.
- John 15:17



Pastoral Partners

Pastoral Partners is a ministry of the Board of Membership and Community in which members of the congregation are trained and equipped to provide encouragement and care to those who are shut-in or for some other reason would benefit from increased pastoral visitation.

What do Pastoral Partners do?

After receiving training, a Pastoral Partner commits to: pray for each individual in her/his care, as well as calling them and visiting them on a regular basis.

Why does West Avon have a Pastoral Partner ministry?

The reason is simple: because Jesus tells us that we need to minister to all those in the body, including those who, because of health or logistical problems, have a hard time participating in the fellowship of the congregation.

What is the training like?

The training includes discussions of the rationale for providing the training, the organizational structure of the ministry, and the practical aspects of carrying out the ministry.

What is the organizational structure of the ministry?

Each pastoral Partner is responsible to the Pastor who meets with the Partners as a group on a monthly basis.

How do I get involved, or what if I just want more information?

Please contact us for more information on the ministry and the date of the next training.

What if I know someone who ought to have a Pastoral Partner?

Please contact us and the information will be referred to the Pastor. He will call the person and make sure that it's all right to assign him/her a Pastoral Partner. If the answer is Yes, a Pastoral Partner will be assigned as soon as possible.

Join us in this rewarding ministry!

We invite you to join with us to help bring comfort and joy through visitation to those within our church family who are ill, infirm or otherwise unable to fully participate with us in the life of the church. The benefit is two-way, for you will be as richly blessed as those to whom you minister.

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Capital Campaign


Much of our work over the last couple of months has been in preparation for upcoming projects.  The committee interviewed three architectural firms and has chosen one to begin "designing" the new lift and the handicap accessible bathrooms.  We should receive those drawings in the next two weeks. In the meantime, a new fire alarm system has been installed and approved by the Avon Fire Department.  Valley Landscape has installed the new sidewalks by the office and nursery school entrances.  In addition, we are working with Connecticut Lighting on the selection of lights to illuminate the entrances and the parking lot. Quotes are being secured for the replacement of the front lawn sign; unfortunately, the sign will need to be completely replaced due to its overall condition.  We are continuing to work on small landscaping projects with the help of some very dedicated members. At our annual meeting in June, we hope to supply everyone with a complete update of our projects, along with drawings and a timeline for the lift project.We started off 2012 by conducting a very successful capital campaign. Over one third of our church family participated as volunteers and we received pledges of over $1,000,000. The donations received this year have allowed us to do the first phase of our driveway repaving, reroof the parish house, and install a new alarm system. In order to complete the remainder of our projects, and to build up funds for future projects, we need to receive the remainder of our pledged funds as soon as possible. If you have not already done so, we ask that you fulfill the 2012 portion of your Capital Campaign pledge. You may also want to look at your 2012 and 2013 tax situation and fulfill your 2013 pledge in 2012. We greatly appreciate your pledges and donations. It has allowed us to shore up our physical facilities and to build a strong foundation upon which can to do God's work. Thank you.

John Carlson